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InstantNightlife throws down anniversary and launch

Photo by Angela Bray

VIP networking, drinks courtesy of Svedka, and guest DJs holding down a dance floor- nothing competed with InstantNightlife’s party at Umbria last Friday.

Within the ultra lounge’s three floors of dancing, drinks and DJs, the third was booked to celebrate InstantNightlife’s (INL) one-year anniversary and launch of “Deals for You,” a feature where bars and clubs throw up instant deals to attract partygoers. The site itself is the first mobile app (iPhone and Android) to provide real-time updates and deals for Boston’s hottest nightspots.


“I’m a fan; I really like the app. It’s something I actually use, especially the deals offered,” said Kaitlan Hannan, a Suffolk student. “Being able to check the lines at places is helpful because nobody likes going someplace and waiting to get in.”

Photo by Angela Bray

The groundbreaking site currently profiles 44 venues including EstateRoyaleUnderbar, andVenu. Cutting from a downtown Boston-base, coverage extends to Central and Harvard Squares, Lansdowne and Allston. The app conveniently blasts the overall bustle, wait in line, dance floor capacity, crowd type, music style, and girl/guy ratio.


Liz Dewey and Amanda Braese of Boston said they’ve discovered multiple new places via INL.


“The main idea of the app is to see where the party’s at and get a deal, just by opening one app,” said Kayvan Zainabadi, INL president. “So many times, we all look around sites, trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Photo by Angela Bray

In his company stood Shahriar Khushrushahi, co-founder, and Joseph Gregory, marketing manager.


Dropping endless beats on the tables were guest DJs Jeff Taylor with electro house/progressive and Mario Leon shreading mashups, hip-hop, house, and dance. Taylor, founder of the world’s largest job website, Monster.com, spins nationally and has been a Boston resident DJ for years. Leon turns the tables weekly at Gypsy Bar and Liquor Store.

Photo by Angela Bray

“[INL] took the whole nightlife scene by storm; these are the guys who have their fingers on the pulse over anyone else. People know that INL will give them the 411, where to go, what to see,” said Sheldon Kane, aka DJ SK3, the “majestic maestro of mixed music arts” behind LEGACY. “I have used the app. It’s been quite helpful, quite useful. Anyone can get a listing in the Phoenix or theDig, but I want to know what’s going on and what’s the hot spot in town, right now, right this minute.”


Umbria just so happens to be a “classy” favorite, along with Caprice and Rumor, of Sasha Gorelova, originally from Moscow, Russia. “I think the app is really great. It helps to know the guy/girl ratio, and by being able to check out the lines, you can change plans at the last minute,” she said. “I also take the deals into account when I go out, it’s a helpful part of the site. I’m really happy for INL; I can’t wait for what’s to come for them in the future.”


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